Top 10 Best Steam Irons 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The marketplace is flooded with steam irons of dubious quality and you don’t want to end up paying too much for a steam iron that spits and sticks. So here we have come up with some of the best steam irons that are worth every penny you pay for them. Now make your ironing less of a chore. So lets checkout what are those selected steam irons.

Best Steam Irons 2021:-

Best Steam IronsHighlightsPrice
#1. Rowenta DW5080 Steam IronStainless Steel Soleplate, Auto Steam, Self-CleaningCheck Price
#2. Rowenta DW5197 Steam IronButtons for Burst of Steam and Water Spray, Auto SteamCheck Price
#3. Rowenta DW8080 Steam IronSelf-Cleaning, Anti-Drip Features, Auto Shut-OffCheck Price
#4. BLACK+DECKER D2030 Steam IronVertical Steaming, Auto-Cleaning, Motion Sensitivity, Sound AlertCheck Price
#5. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201Spray Mist Button, Anti-Drip, Auto Shut-Off, Self CleaningCheck Price
#6. Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam IronSelf-Cleaning, Anti-Calc System, Anti-drip, Automatic Shut-DownCheck Price
#7. Sunbeam GCSBCS-200-000 Turbo SteamDigital Display, Vertical Steam, Smart Auto-Off, Self CleaningCheck Price
#8. Rowenta DW2070 Steam IronAnti-Calc System, Spray Mist Button, Shot of Steam buttonCheck Price
#9. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force IronNon-Scratch, Non-Stick, Self-Clean, Anti-Calc, Anti-DripCheck Price
#10. T-Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam IronAnti-drip, Self Cleaning System with Calc-Recollecting Valve, Anti-Scale SystemCheck Price

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There is plethora of steam iron designs available in the market in different price range. Each model has its own unique feature that may not be present in the other. Opting for an expensive model does not indicate that a particular steam iron is going to deliver impressive result or not. You need to be extremely careful to weigh in the pros and cons of the device you are opting for. So here we have best steam irons with reviews, that will help you choose the right model.

Top 10 Best Steam Iron Reviews 2021

We have selected the best steam irons for our readers, so you can read pros & cons of each product before deciding which one to buy.

#1. Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5080- Best Steam iron

Check Price

The Rowenta DW5080 is a wonder steam iron when it comes to superior performance. The built and premium features have made this an instant favorite among ironers, hence it certainly features in list of best steam irons in the world.


  • The Rowenta DW5080 consists of a stainless steel soleplate which is highly polished so that it glides over the clothes and a precision tip that makes it easier to reach every nook and cranny.
  • The soleplate has 400 micropores all the way up to the tip which ensures perfect steam distribution and an aluminum core in the steam iron evenly heats up the soleplate.
  • An Auto-steam feature continually maintains an optimal steam output according to the temperature of the soleplate and it comes with a auto-shut off feature.
  • Along with the self-cleaning features that enable the iron to flush out the mineral deposits, the Rowenta DW5080 also has an Anti-Calc feature that flushes out the impurities or calcium deposits in the water tank thus increasing the life of the iron.


  • The water runs out fast in the Rowenta DW5080 but the good thing it can be refilled again and again just by tap water.
  • This is heavy iron especially with the water tank filled which might not be preferable for some people.
  • There have been complaints of dripping or leaking from the steam iron.

#2. Rowenta DW5197 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5197- One of the Top Steam Irons

Check Price

This German Brand is known for the quality and build of its steam Irons and the DW5197 is a superior version of the DW5080.


  • The 1725W steam iron has a Stainless Steel Soleplate with a precision tip and 400 micropores for perfect steam distribution all the way to the tip.
  • The Rowenta 5197 boats of a variety of features like the Auto-Steam that automatically adjusts the steam output according to the heat setting and the Anti-Calc feature that gets rids of the impurities in the water keeps the pores clean.
  • Two large buttons on the top account for the Burst of Steam and Water Spray. The iron is also provided with vertical steam to touch up the hanging garments.


  • The dark tint of the water tank makes it inconvenient to gauge the water level.
  • IT does not come off with an auto-shut off feature which might be an advantage for those in fashion but not be desirable by others.

#3. Rowenta DW8080 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW8080 Steam Iron

Check Price

The Rowenta DW8080 is as professional as a steam iron can get. With the classic Rowenta built the iron has been made even more powerful than the other in the same range, that’s why we rank this model one of the best steam irons available these days.


  • The German-built 1700W Rowenta DW8080 has a highly polishes Stainless Steel Soleplate that has 400 optimally distributed micropores along with a precision tip.
  • The Self-Cleaning and Anti-Drip features of the DW8080 ensure a longer life. In addition Anti-Calc prevents the formation of calcium deposits in the pores.
  • In this iron the Burst of Steam is even more powerful and longer which cuts down your ironing time significantly. The large 12.7 ounce water tank can be refilled simply through tap water.
  • In addition the auto shut-off feature cuts down the power after 8 mins in the vertical position and 30 sec in the horizontal position.


  • It is hard to check the water level in the iron as the dark tint to the water tank hinders clear visibility.
  • Since the steam propulsion in the iron is DW8080 is more powerful hence the water runs down quickly in spite of a larger water tank.
  • No Steam Iron is completely leakage proof, so is the case with the Rowenta DW8080.

#4. BLACK+DECKER D2030 Steam Iron

BLACK+DECKER D2030 - One of the Best Steam Irons

Check Price

One of Black & Decker’s top selling models, the Digital D2030 Steam Iron is real hit with customers who are looking for inexpensive sturdy long-lasting design. So with all the top quality features, this Black & Decker’s model easily enters the list of best steam irons.


  • The most attractive feature of the D2030 is the mini LCD display in which you can input the temperature and fabric settings through a fabric guide printed just below the handle. So no more guessing.
  • The 1500W Steam Iron has a Stainless steel soleplate with 25 indentations along the sides. A Steam Selector Dial is located conveniently just below the handle.
  • The D2030 features the Vertical Steaming and Auto-Cleaning functions for the water tank that uses tap water.
  • The 10-min Auto-shut off feature comes with motion sensitivity and sounds an alert when the iron is ready or shutting off.


  • The Steam control knob is too sensitive and even an accidental bump of the finger can change the setting.
  • The Digital display is said ti fade and flicker over time making it harder to read the setting.

#5. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201

Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201

Check Price

The 1400W Sunbeam Steam Master is a real catch for its price. You can get a pretty decent Iron with a great quality and a largely satisfying performance. Rating this model according to performance and satisfaction of customers, it certainly belongs to the top steam irons list.


  • The Steam Master has a Stainless Steel Soleplate that has 15 macro-sized steam holes along the sides. With the simple press of a button, you can send shots of steam and a lever lets you control the steam setting that also includes a dry option for materials like wool.
  • An additional dual Spray Mist button lets you dampen the clothes when the creases are too rough.
  • The location of the temperature control knob is just perfect at the front instead of underneath the handle that prevents accidental change in settings.
  • The Steam Master boasts of a lot more with additional features like Anti-drip, 15-min Auto shut-off and a self cleaning button.


  • The Sunbeam Steam Master is bulky in built that might not be preferable by some people.
  • The dark tint of the water tank sometimes hinders the estimation of the water level.

#6. Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron

Check Price

Panasonic has literally reinvented ironing with its NI-W810CS double-tipped Steam Iron. Its thoughtful and robust design makes it supremely efficient in making clothes look crisp in no time.


  • The most useful feature of the iron is the unique Double-tipped Ceramic Soleplate that makes multi- directional ironing really convenient and saves a lot of time.
  • The soleplate has steam pores located along the sides with an adjustable steam setting and a steam jet. The Vertical steam features is also available.
  • The Anti-drip feature of the Panasonic NI-W810CS is more efficient than the other irons in this category. The Self-Cleaning and the Anti-Calc system keeps the pores clean.
  • For safety measures it has a 3-way automatic shut-down system turns the heat off in 10 min if left on the heel and in 1 min if left flat or on the sides.


  • The 3-leg heel of the iron is not sturdy and there is a danger of the iron tipping over easily hence it has to be placed on a stable surface.
  • It might not get hot enough for ironing cotton which might be a problem.

#7. Sunbeam GCSBCS-200-000 Turbo Steam

Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master - Beast in the list of best steam irons

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The sunbeam turbo Steam Master is a digital iron that gives you professional results with efficient design and maximum steam output. The 1500W Sunbeam is on the cheaper side but consists of all the major features that an ideal steam iron should have.


  • The Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master features a Stainless Steel Soleplate with a precision tip and a digital display for setting up the temperature controls.
  • The shot of steam, Vertical steam and spray mist feature calls for that immaculate creasing out of any kind of fabric with even steam distribution through both macro and micro pores on its soleplate.
  • The Self-Cleaning system in the iron prolongs its life and the Anti-drip will prevent leakages at any temperature that you are working on.
  • The premium 3-way motion smart auto-off feature will automatically shut down the iron after 15 mins of inactivity.


  • The digital display might fade over time resulting in inconvenience for the customers.
  • There are complaints of water leakage at really low temperatures but that is the case with almost every steam iron available in the market in this range.

#8. Rowenta DW2070 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW2070 Steam Iron

Check Price

This Steam Iron might be on the lower side of the price spectrum than the other Rowenta Irons but it still boasts of the superb quality that the German brand is known for.


  • The polished scratch-resistant Stainless-steel Soleplate has 300 micropores all over the soleplate including the center and the tip accounting for an even steam distribution.
  • The powerful Shot of Steam button makes it much easier to get rid of the nasty wrinkles especially on cotton. You can also control the steam setting through a lever at the front or dampen your linen with the Spray Mist button.
  • The DW2070 has a temperature dial just below the handle that gives you 6 fabric settings. You can also use the Anti-calc system one a month for cleaning up the pores from mineral deposits.


  • The 8-min auto shut-off feature might not be so great for professionals in Fashion who might need the iron to be ready to use every time, but this feature is great for home as it an added safety for children.
  • The durability of the DW2070 is a little dubious with complaints of leakages and the steam function not being powerful enough.

#9. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron

Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force iron

Check Price

The Rowenta DW9280 is a Super Iron in all respects. A great product especially for the professionals, the Iron can provides for a powerful steam output of 210gm/min that can crisp up your clothes with just a few strokes.


  • The features Soleplate is made from polished stainless steel with an Ultra-thin Silicate coating for better non-scratch and non-stick operation. Micropores line the whole soleplate including the precision tip which also contains a Precision Steam Shot Zone.
  • The Smart Steam Motion Sensor will stop steam formation when the Iron is not in motion thus saving up significantly on your electricity bills.
  • Another notable Ready-temp system digitally controls the temperature according to the fabric setting that you choose and starts blinking when Iron is ready to use.
  • The Self-clean, Anti-Calc and Anti-drip features are the perfect maintenance systems that prolong the life of the iron by cleaning up the water tank and the pores from any kind of mineral deposit.
  • There is no need for adjusting the steam variation as the thermostat knob automatically controls the steam setting and makes your chore simpler.


  • Since the DW9280 produces a lot of steam, hence, it drinks up a lot of water which mean more than a few drinks to the sink for you.
  • This is one heavy Iron especially with the water tank full that can make ironing cumbersome for people with weak wrists.

#10. T-Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam Iron

T-Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam iron

Check Price

A precise and well-balanced design has made the T-Fal FV4495 an instant hit in the market. The T-Fal FV4495 proposes a variety of unique features to fulfill your every requirement.


  • The Ceramic Soleplate has 64 macro and micro steam holes and even the weakest burst of steam is 80gm/min.
  • The T-Fal includes a real convenient Easycord feature that keeps the 12-feet long cord out of the way and prevents it from crumpling up the cloth.
  • The 1725W Iron powers up really fast and include the standard Anti-drip and Self cleaning system with calc-recollecting valve and anti-scale system to flush out the impurities typically found in hard water.


  • There are some complaints of water spitting while using the shot of steam feature but the number of such complaints are very few as compared the overall positive review.

So What you are thinking now?

As per your need, We have compiled this list and reviewed the most selling steam irons 2020 which you can use to iron your home clothes.

You can select any of the above steam iron and can purchase them because they are very much cheap and affordable for you.

Best Curling Irons

Best Travel Irons

Best Ironing Boards

Hope you would take the right decision while purchasing the steam iron. But if you still having some questions in your mind, then you can check our buyer’s guide.

Best Steam Iron Buyer’s Guide

Iron is an essential appliance found in almost all households. It is available in different types for different kinds of fabrics. Owning a right iron can make the entire chore hassle-free and less tedious. A steam iron with an appropriate soleplate design can work wonders on rumpled garments.

This guide clearly explains the functions of steam iron and the features that you need to look for in order to purchase the perfect model for your needs. Make sure to understand what you need before purchasing the best steam iron model.

Different Kinds of Irons

  • Steam irons: These irons prove out to be effective as they generate steam for removal of creases. The water jets from these irons ensure that the fabric appears clean and fresh. These are best when you are looking for effective and quick ironing.
  • Steam generator irons: These seem to be an upgraded version of the traditional steam iron. These make the entire process effortless and produce a lot of steam as opposed to the traditional steam iron box. These are ideal for people who have to deal with a high volume of clothes every single day. These possess a massive water reservoir at the base and hence do not require frequent refilling.

List of Best Steam Generator Irons

Common Functions of a Steam Iron

  • Steam blast: This feature can be activated by pressing a button near the handle for release a quick jet of steam for removing stubborn creases.
  • Vertical steaming: This function permits the users to iron the clothes quickly without any need for an ironing board. This feature removes the creases from hanging garments such as even curtains, occasion dresses, suits and dresses with ruffles.
  • Continuous steam output: This is an effective feature that allows the steam to flow freely. This helps you tame the fabric as you desire but it consumes a lot of water and requires frequent refilling.

Different Kinds of Soleplate Designs

The soleplate designing can have a tremendous impact on how your steam iron would function. Several soleplates feature coatings that promise enhanced performance. Soleplates coated with aluminum are good conductor of heat. However, these are hard to clean and are susceptible to scratches. Non-stick soleplates glide smoothly over the fabrics but are susceptible to scratches. Stainless steel soleplates are ideal as they are scratch resistant and easy to glide over fabric. Ceramic soleplates are easy to clean and are durable. These promise smooth action as well as these just glide over fabrics smoothly.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Iron

While picking the best steam iron for your needs, you need to consider several factors into account. Your decision would be influenced with parameters such as how often you intend to use it, the kinds of fabrics that you would be ironing, the volume of ironing and a lot more. Considering these factors will help you pick the right iron box as per your requirements.

Make sure to consider these factors before taking a final decision.

  • Design: This plays a crucial role as the plates need to be smooth enough to glide over the clothes. You need to take a look at the material used in designing especially the soleplates. The handle should be designed to offer maximum comfort to the users who need to manage a huge volume of clothes every day. The built of the iron needs to be good. Steam mechanism must be reliable as it may end up burning you if it is not appropriate.
  • Brand: You need to opt for renowned brands as they promise quality service to their customers. International brands have better customer support and offer quality services. These may be a bit expensive but offer better quality.
  • Power consumption: This illustrates the amount of time that would be taken to heat up the soleplates. The more is the power consumption, the less is the time taken to heart the soleplate. Steam generation is also directly linked to power consumed by a device. Going for a design with more power rating would be a best bet if you want to get your task accomplished in no time. However, you need to remember that these models would be quite expensive.
  • Specifications: The price of a steam iron increases with its specifications. If you use a higher end model, then you would be offered a plethora of features such as self-cleaning feature. The design would also come with a better tank capacity. If you settle for a lower-end design, then it would just do a decent job and would not offer any added comfort or additional features.
  • Self-cleaning feature: There are many steam iron models that come with self-cleaning feature for removal of impurities and lime scale. This feature needs to be utilized once in every two weeks especially if you iron your clothes every single day. The feature should be used frequently if the water you use is quite hard. To use the feature the water tank needs to be filled and the steam control should be set in the appropriate position. The iron has to be set at the highest setting. Pressing and holding the self-clean button will release steam and hot water from the steam holes. The self-clean button has to be released once the water tank is empty. This simple process has the potential to prolong the life of your steam iron and is quite beneficial. Anti-calcium feature is yet another feature to look for in a steam iron. It prevents clogging of steam vents and lime scale buildup within a steam iron. Many models come with anti-calcium cartridge that can be replaced over time. Then there are other models that consist of a dedicated anti-calcium button that cleans the lime scale from the vents upon pressing.
  • Appropriately designed water tank: A water tank is a must in a steam iron. It must be big enough so that frequent refills in not required. The designing should be such that the tank doesn’t leak. It needs to be translucent so that the user can keep a tab on the water level while ironing the clothes. A detachable tank can prove to be a bonus as it makes filling as well as emptying the water tank pretty easier.
  • Safety & convenient features: A steam iron needs to have safety features so that the users remain safe while using a device that ejects steam at higher temperatures. The safety features included in most of the steam irons include indicator lights that alert the user when the steam iron has been heated to a desirable temperature. Look for ETL or UL certification that indicates that the iron box that you are considering has passed stringent safety tests by reputed organizations. Convenience features include vertical steaming, anti-drip and anti-calcification features. Vertical steaming permits the users to ease wrinkles by just hanging the clothes. This mode eliminates the use of any ironing board. Anti-calcification feature permits the users to use a steam iron with tap water.
  • Service and warranty: The warranty period offered over a steam iron is generally 2 years from the date of purchase. You need to check the minimum warranty period before making any purchase. A good brand would offer quality build and good warranty period. Service plays a crucial role as if anything happens in between, you will have to get the product serviced. If the service quality is not good, then you will end up repenting and would not able to make the best out of your investment.
  • Durability: This is something that you need to look for in every appliance that you purchase and not just a steam iron. This will ensure that your purchased product would last for a long time. A long warranty over the purchased product and an active customer service track record ensures that the product that you are investing in would last for a long time.

You will be able to make a better decision and certainly be able to get best steam iron, if you consider the above mentioned factors before actually purchasing a steam iron. Although all irons have been designed to serve the same purpose, there exists a staggering variety of differences in different models. From basic models to high end ones, there is some or the feature to look into. High tech soleplates, steam-pumping technology and others shoot up the price of a steam iron.

Other Important Factors You Shouldn’t Overlook

Apart from the basic factors mentioned above, you must be aware of the kind of fabrics you would be mostly ironing. If the fabrics that you usually press have wrinkles that are difficult to remove such as cotton, denim or linen, then you need to make sure that the iron has spray-mist and burst-of-steam features. These options will make your task much easier.

Do not forget to look into the weight of the appliance. Most of the steam iron boxes have weight in the range of two to four pounds. However, if you have a lot of volume to manage on a daily basis, then you must lay special emphasis on the weight of the steam iron during purchase. If you do not consider this, then the hefty weight would make your task quite tiring. You should also look into the size of the steam iron especially if you to carry it during travel. A steam iron of compact size would be ideal for those who carry steam irons along with them during craft shows and meetings.

Are the controls clearly visible? Different models come with different kinds of controls. These include buttons, dials as well as digital screens. You need to just make sure that you can identify and read them appropriately. The market of the water reservoir should also be clear so that you can make out when it requires a refill.

If there are any other additional features that you desire in the steam iron that you wish to purchase, then you must make sure to identify them. There are many desirable features such as auto shutoff, vertical steaming, spray mist, burst of steam and a lot more. These additional features can come in handy. A self-cleaning feature can be an added bonus for those who use steam irons on a regular basis. Clear mineral deposits can cut down the life of your device.

However, anti-calcification and self-cleaning feature can clear the deposits and prolong the life of your steam iron. Retractable cords can also be beneficial for many. Self-lifting iron is the latest feature being noted in the new models of steam iron. This feature automatically props the device when it is not being used. This feature is ideal for those who tend to burn their clothing when they accidentally forget to keep it upright.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what would be ideal for you based on your requirements. You can opt for a model that has all the necessary features that you are looking for based on your budget. If you are a bit flexible when it comes to your budget, then make sure to opt for high end versions that can offer you additional benefits.


Your clothing makes a major impression on others. It exudes an image of you being a thorough professional if you are dressed appropriately in pressed clothes. This makes it essential to include a steam iron in your household to keep your clothing crease free.

You can purchase a steam iron that meets your requirements by going through the above mentioned points. This will help you take an informed decision that would be worth your investment. Just understand what you want when it comes to the features and you wouldn’t be disappointed. If you understand what you want, you will surely be having one of the best steam irons available in the market right now.