Top 5 Garment Steamers – Reviewed 2021


As long as we wear clothes, we want them to be looking crease-free and elegant because even the most expensive fabrics start to look drab if they are wrinkled or creased. We are going to need products that work like magic by getting rid of wrinkles.

Almost everyone owns a regular iron, but it can be very inconvenient to use sometimes. It gets very hectic when you need to get the ironing board out to press the heavy fabric. Not to mention, ironing can make it easier to burn your favorite dress. In contrast, steaming can reduce much effort by making room curtains, beddings and, upholsteries fresh and neat without even removing them. It can also work on delicate fabric such as silk, satin, embroidered dresses, wedding attires to give them a pleasing appearance. It is precisely why garment steamers are going to continue being a popular innovation for the foreseeable future.

A garment steamer or a clothes steamer as it is otherwise known is an alternate option for the traditional steam irons. It works by using high-temperature steam and doesn’t damage the cloth fibers, and gives your dress a smooth and fresh look.

The bottom line is that; if you want a handy device that will quickly get rid of the wrinkles from your clothes, sanitize them, and lift that stale smell, all you need is to buy the best clothes steamer.

Why buy a garment steamer?

Light-weight, a compact household device that is designed for last-minute touch-ups to smarten up your clothes. Your emergency rescue for clothes de-creasing for cutting down on ironing time. It is also recommended for delicate fabrics such as silked tops, chiffon, flowing veil, sheer fabric, etc.

Also, the tempting option for sterilization and disinfection of clothes to remove the dirt, dust mites, germs, and bedbugs over the cloth’s surface makes it safe and refreshing.

Which type of Garment Steamer is best for me?

  • Hand-held Steamer – small, portable, which takes little space in luggage so much-needed travel accessory. Small water tank inside the steamer best for daily usage.
  • Up-right Garment Steamer (Floor standing)- larger and a little heavier device that operates for a more extended stream period for de-creasing, bedsheet covers, heavy fabrics, etc.

While we have discussed the advantages of garments steamers over the traditional irons, here are the best clothes steamer for your daily use.

1.     J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

Jiffy’s J-2000 M steamy residential garment steamer is recommended for home or light industry/commercial usage with 120 volts of energy power. It has a rapid warm-up period of up to 1-2 minutes and an outer plastic covering of suitable quality for durability. A fuse connection and automatic shut-off are connected to the body for safety measures. It can work up to 1.5 hours with about 3 liters (2.8 liters) in a single filling. It also comes with the no-drip check valve system for efficient usage and safety precaution to avoid burning or boiled water spitting. Wheels are also attached to the device, which eases up mobility. This steamer gives a smooth, crease-free look to your daily wearing clothes.

Where to buy?

2.    Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Conair Turbo fabric steamer is the best-recommended household gadget for keeping your garments, upholstery, curtains, and other home textiles fresh and clean. This garment steamer combines the performance of iron and steam to give a nicely creased look. This portable hand-held steamer is quite comfortable to use at home and for travel purposes. It takes little space in your luggage because of its compact design. Its “Turbo Steam” feature is designed for quicker results with only 40 seconds heat-up time with 7.3 ounces of a transparent water tank.  It consistently gives steam for about 15 minutes without water dripping and leaving water or scorch marks on the fabric. It has an attached silicone band at the head hose to pull the clothing fibers straighten up the wrinkles giving it a perfect press. A small bristle brush helps to penetrate the steam in heavy fabric to refine the material and make it smell fresh. It is easy to assemble and hold to be used on curtains, beddings, table cloths, etc.

Where to buy?

3.    PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer

PurSteam is the leading brand for providing the best clothes steamer for powerful, sturdy wrinkle remover with dual functionality of both ironing and steaming. This user-friendly design offers continuous and robust steaming available at the economical price range with these professional features. It offers the adjustable iron board and the handy/collapsible garment hanger, which eliminates wrinkles quickly. A large 2-liter water tank attached at the bottom generates continuous steam up to 45 minutes without dripping and leaving a smooth appearance on the fabric. Easy to assemble and small space to manage the cord. A one-touch steam button works the high-pressure steam for a controlled steaming experience. This device also offers a safety cap for burn prevention.

Where to buy?

4.   Conair Ultimate Fabric Steamer

Conair makes the best-value garment care tools for everyday use to smoothen, de-wrinkle, and freshen-up any clothing closet. It comes with an 80-ounce removable water tank and 6ft long power cord making it extremely easy to use for various garments. It comes with the collapsible pole attached with the garment hanger and hanging clips with 360-degree rotating capability. This device offers easy assembly and less pace for storage. The steam hose with the large steam head operates on 1500 Watts of power with a heating time of only 45 seconds. It works for 70 minutes of continuous steam, penetrates the fabric, and sanitizes the clothes from the microbes on the clothes, giving them a fresh and smooth appearance. This compressed device takes a tiny place in the store/closet.

Where to buy?

5.    Pure Enrichment PureSteam Pro Upright Clothes Steamer

PureSteam provides the high-quality pro upright clothes steamer that operates on 1500 watts of steaming power with thermostat-controlled steam that maintains the temperature at four levels. This device is also offered with a 5-year warranty.

PureSream Pro is comfortable to operate as; it is designed with the convenient power pedal with the automatic and adjustable steaming and easing up manual pumping effort. The telescopic pole comes with an adjustable-width hanger with holding clips for an easy steaming experience. It also comes with a fabric brush to remove the severe wrinkles on the heavy garments. The hose allows the easy adjustment of height that makes the steaming comfortable. A transparent 2-liter large water tank is attached at the base with only 45 seconds of heat-up time. It offers full-hour continuous streaming for a wide range of fabric, including garments, delicate fabric, beddings, curtains, upholstered and more.

Where to buy?

So, what is the best garment steamer for you?

The above discussed steamers are both hand-held and up-right garment steamer with their specifications. They all are reviewed and judged based on the quality of steaming, level of confidence of prior customers, the period of continuous steam, ease of use, sputtering, power consumption and water storage capabilities, etc. All these mentioned characteristics sum-up to define these steamers. The best clothes steamer for you is the one that fulfills your need whether it is hand-held or floor-standing.

All above five steamers are the best-reviewed by the customers with reasonable economical price without compromising its features.                      


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