Top 5 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2020


Steam irons have been there for a long time now but the level of sophistication that they have managed to achieve today is really astounding.

Now we have powerful steam generators that help you in getting rid of that pile of clothes in no time without a trace of a wrinkle.

We have compiled a list of such powerful machines that are revolutionizing the ironing world. Take a look!

Best Steam Generator Irons 2020:-

Best Steam Generator IronsIn-depth ReviewPrice
#1 Reliable 3000IS Professional Ironing SystemCheck ReviewCheck Price
#2 DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 SystemCheck ReviewCheck Price
#3 Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam IronCheck ReviewCheck Price
#4 Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam StationCheck ReviewCheck Price
#5 Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam IronCheck ReviewCheck Price

Top 5 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2020

To choose the right steam generator iron, you must read these in-depth reviews.

#1. Reliable 3000IS Professional Ironing System

Reliable 3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System

Check Price

The Reliable Steam Ironing system boasts of the made in Italy tag along with a significantly powerful steam generating system and top notch performance.

  • The Quality of the steam of the Reliable Ironing system is truly remarkable. It comes along with a boiler that produces high quality super heated steam that is dry and concentrated at the same time allowing for moisture-less ironing.
  • The water tank is made completely from Stainless Steel which prevents the formation of rust and thus extending the life of the product. The size of the water tank is such that it offers a 2 hour continuous steaming operation.
  • The boiler has two on/off switches, one for the boiler and the other one for the steam. It also has a low water indicator light and an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating.
  • The Iron has an Aluminum Soleplate with steam vents near the tip and is connected to the boiler with a 6-feet cord.

Each 3000IS steam iron station comes complete with an accessory kit where we have a water funnel, a water level measurement stick, 2-piece iron cord support and our silicone iron pad.

#2. DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 System

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler

Check Price

If you are looking for a professional Iron that can give you more satisfying results than a regular steam Iron then you should definitely check out the DeLonghi Stiromeglio.

  • This Ironing system comes with a Stainless-Steel rust-proof Boiler with a 1 Liter capacity that gives you continuous steam output of 1.5 hours which means less trips to the sink.
  • The Delonghi boiler produces super heated steam that can be varies according to the fabric setting. It has indicator lights for both the boiler and the Iron.
  • The soleplate of the Iron is made from heavy-gauge satin-polished Aluminum that accounts for a much even heat distribution. Steam vents are located at the upper part of the Aluminum Soleplate that also features a Continuous Steam Lock button.
  • The DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro has an adjustable steam cord that makes switching the cord very easy from the left to right-handed users. The Cork Handle accounts for slip-free operating of the Iron and it also stays relatively cooler than the regular Plastic Irons.

#3. Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

Check Price

The German Brand Rowenta is known for bringing professionalism into its products by ensuring high quality components and a convenient design which has earned it ‘the official partner of Fashion tag’.

  • The polished Stainless-Steel Soleplate accounts for maximum glide and the 400 micro-pores distributed over the soleplate gives a more efficient steam penetration into the fabric. A precision tip ensures that the iron can reach every nook and cranny of the garment.
  • This 1725W Iron has a Temperature setting knob just below the handle and the steam output is automatically adjusted by the Iron according to the temperature setting.
  • The water tank of the Rowenta DW5197 can hold 10 ounces of water and comes with a self-clean and Anti-Calc System that prevents the formation of mineral deposits in the steam vents.
  • You can get a powerful Burst of Steam by the simple press of a button on the top. Placed alongside is a Water Spray Button that can dampen your clothes if need be. A Vertical Steam option is also available for the hanging garments and drapes.
  • The Rowenta DW5197 does not come with an Auto-off feature which is an added advantage for the Fashion Designers and other professionals.

#4. Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station

Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station

Check Price

With the Rowenta DG8430 Steam Station, the German brand has significantly cut down the time for finishing a big pile of laundry.

With a stellar design and superb performance, this Steam Station is well worth the money if you want to save some significant time and effort.

  • The soleplate is the standard Rowenta polished Stainless-Steel with a precision tip to maneuver those tight corners. 400 steam holes even distributed across the soleplate calls for a more efficient steam distribution.
  • The 33 Ounce Water tank heats up real quick and gives you a good 90 minutes of Steamed ironing without needing a refill and the best part you can refill the tank with tap water without waiting for it cool off.
  • The unique Steam on Demand option can be activates with the press of a button and releases a powerful jet of stream that can easily penetrate the fabric.
  • The water tank can be cleaned from the Calc-away system from impurities. The extra-long 12 feet power cord makes it extra convenient to plug in the nearest socket.

#5. Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Iron

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Iron Station

Check Price

The Rowenta DG5030 claims to cut your Ironing time in half by producing 3 times more steam than regular iron. If you have a frequent load of laundry piling up then a steam station would be a great option for you.

  • The large 33 ounce water tank allows for 90 minutes of steamed functioning with a Variable Steam knob on the boiler to control the steam output. You can use tap water to refill the boiler.
  • The polished Stainless-Steel Soleplate has steam-vents that are distributed uniformly across the soleplate and get smaller in size near the precision tip.
  • You can change the temperature settings of the Rowenta DG5030 via a simple knob under the handle. On the front of the handle is a button for Steam on Demand that can be easily reached by your thumb.
  • The steam can be easily controlled via knob provided on the boiler. It takes almost 7 minutes for the boiler to start producing steam and it is also provided with an on/off switch on the tank itself.

As you can see that We have reviewed these selected steam generator irons which you might want to buy.

These are the most selling steam generator irons and you can select any of the above irons.

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