3 best steam press irons of 2021


Ironing is one of the least popular chores in American homes. To achieve optimal results as quick and fast as possible, I recommend narrowing down your options and selecting the best steam press irons for your needs will allow you to iron without breaking a sweat!

And since there are numerous machines in the market, it can be daunting to choose the best. In this article, we look at three of the best machines that you can buy today. Let’s see how they stack up.

1. Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press – best steam press iron ✔️

First on the list is the SteamFast steam press that comes in a digital design with well-labeled buttons for convenient use. I truly consider this to be one of the best steam press irons available to residences these days. It is made of a non-stick surface that prevents clothe fabrics from hampering effective steaming. Talking of steaming, it is equipped with two buttons that ensure a powerful burst of steam so you can steam just about any fabric.

It also consists of a 10-ounce water tank that holds enough water for your regular steaming. The machine can heat the water within three minutes saving you time to do other things. It comes with pre-set settings for wool, nylon, silk, linen, and cotton materials. As such, you won’t need to manually control settings to suit the fabric at hand.

The ironing press machine is also lightweight and portable weigh just 12 pounds. This design combined with its compact design allows you to store it in your closet or small storage spaces. And to ensure optimal results, it comes with accessories such as a pressing cushion, spray bottle, and a measuring cup. So, if you want professional-standard steam pressing, get yourself this machine.

The Steamfast-680 was designed with safety in mind. Why? Because it comes with an auto turn-off feature that turns it off after staying in idle mode for at least 15 minutes. Fortunately, the integrated alarm will let you know once it has shut down.

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Pros of the Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

✔️ Heats the water quickly

✔️ Comes with a large-capacity water tank

✔️ It has much-needed safety features

✔️ It is equipped with accessories

Cons of the Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

⤬ The powerful steam burst can cause injury

⤬ The steam platform is exposed

2. Speedy Press Oversized 35.5″ Iron Press

One this that comes into mind when handling this Speed Press steam press is quality. Over the years, the company behind this machine has continued to live up to its name. This oversized ironing press machine is not only industry-standard but also easy to use making it ideal even for novice users. You’ll be pressed with strategically easy-to-understand buttons.

Ironing Press – Commercial or Residential

Stubborn wrinkles are no match to the machines since you can adjust settings to suit their stubbornness. Another thing you’ll like about this steam press machine is that you can use it on different fabrics: from nylon and linen to cotton, and more. Unlike most machines, the Speedy Press allows you to iron large materials thanks to its oversized surface.

And not only is it large but also offers “speedy” ironing. Like the Steamfast model, it heats up quickly and has powerful steam bursts. In fact, it offers up to 100lb of pressure. This means you can iron multiple layers simultaneously.

Are you worried that this may then damage delicate materials? Well, worry no more because it is equipped with a heat reflective cover that ensures only the needed heat reaches the material. Its digital control touchpad sets it apart from its competitors. This is because it allows you to adjust settings and view the current settings. Besides, you can choose between manual and automatic steaming.

Pros of the Speedy Press Oversized 35.5″ Iron Press

✔️ Allows for manual setting adjustment

✔️ Has an oversized ironing surface

✔️ Lightweight and portable

✔️ Soft on delicate fabrics

Cons of the Speedy Press Oversized 35.5″ Iron Press

⤬ May not fit in small storage areas

3. SINGER Intelligent Steam Press

Finally, we have the SINGER steam press machine that continues to be a favorite for most homeowners, this couldn’t be missed off my list of best steam press irons. It comes in two sizes; 20” and 26” allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. This steam press machine is designed for nylon material. So, if you deal with a lot of nylon material, then this machine got you covered. That said you could also use it on other heavy materials.

Singer Intelligent Steam Press

It features five fabric settings to support your other materials. Like other premium ironing press machines, it comes with a non-stick surface so you do not have to worry about fabric sticking. This steam press has an 800ml tank that gets heated in 96 seconds. You will not have to wait for minutes to have your material ironed.

With a 70g/min steam rate, you can rest assured that will iron numerous layers of your material in one go. And to enable quick setting adjustment, it is equipped with a digital interface that comes with all necessary buttons. Besides, they are labeled to allow easy settings reading.

Another stellar feature of the SINGER machine is the auto-shut feature. It prevents the damaging of material and the machine itself if left unattended for long. Furthermore, it prevents excess usage of electricity.

Pros of the SINGER Intelligent Steam Press

✔️ Has an auto-shut feature

✔️ Heats up within 98 seconds

✔️ Easy to use on five fabrics

✔️ Automated settings

Cons of the SINGER Intelligent Steam Press

⤬ Heavier compared to other steam presses on the list.

What should you consider before buying a steam press machine?

  • Brand

The brand name dictates how durable and effective the ironing press machine is. All brands on our list are well-established and reputable. You should also avoid knock-offs since they might come with defects.

  • Features

You should also consider the features of the machine. Some to look out for include:

Safety features: By purchasing a machine with an auto-shut feature so you do not go about damaging your material and the machine.

Heat settings: Because an ideal steam press should come with temperature controls for different materials. As you can see, all the machines on our list have automated heat settings for each fabric.

Timer: Yes, you should buy a machine that comes with a timer that dictates how you should iron a surface depending on the material.

Pressing surface: So if you have oversized materials, you should purchase one with an oversized pressing surface and vice versa.

  • Price

Admittedly, price should arguably be the number determinant of which machine to buy. Buy one that is within your budget.

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My final thoughts

Steam press machines allow you to keep your clothes in good shape and maintain the quality of the fabric. As you can see, these machines are lightweight, portable, and offer quick ironing. As mentioned, you should keep in mind the price, features, and bran of the iron pressing machine before making a purchasing decision. I hope you have enjoyed my run down on what I believe of the best steam press irons on the market in 2021.

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