Dry Iron vs. Steam Iron: Which One to Buy?


People used to employ dry iron for pressing their clothes when no steam irons were available. Steam irons gained immense popularity with improvements in technology. These are quite effective when it comes to removing wrinkles from clothes as opposed to dry irons. However, many households still rely on dry irons for their needs.

Dry Iron vs. Steam Iron: Differences

Dry Iron vs. Steam Iron

Water Tank

A dry iron doesn’t feature a water tank in its designing. With the absence of a water tank, there are no spits and leaks that would tint your clothes accidentally. Sometimes, water leaks from steam irons spit dark colors on the clothes that require ironing. Dry ironing eliminates all these frustrating problems that are commonly noted while using a steam iron.

Steam Holes and Output

A steam iron releases steam through holes present on the soleplate of the iron box. It irons out the creases and wrinkles on your clothes in an effective way. It is not the case in a dry iron. Apart from not having a water tank, steam holes are absent too in the soleplate of a dry iron. The soleplate is entirely flat which a preferred choice of the iron box design by tailors and by those who are into craft works. This design is ideal for direct heat transfer on fabric or other items.

Spray Mist

Dry iron boxes do not come with a spray mist function. Steam irons usually have a button which releases a light spray of water over clothes upon pressing. This button is present within the reach while ironing. It offers a perfect finish to the ironed clothes. Dry irons don’t have this function, and you need to make use of a spray bottle for sprinkling water over your clothes for that perfect look.

Soleplate Design

The next significant difference between a dry iron and a steam iron is the design of the soleplate. The soleplate of a dry iron is completely solid. The soleplate of steam iron consists of holes for the steam to release from the water tank. You can clean the soleplate of dry iron with much ease. It is not the case with a steam iron. You need to be careful while cleaning the soleplate of a steam iron else the steam holes may get clogged and affect your result while ironing.


A dry iron box is nothing but a basic model. The designing is not as complicated as seen in a steam iron box.

Moreover, the heat settings can be controlled easily with the help of a knob. Steam iron, on the other hand, has more complex features when it comes to designing. It features a LED display, steam lever, spray jet, steam trigger, and a lot more. It can be complicated to use because of the different settings to be used on different kinds of fabrics.

Using a Steam Iron vs. a Dry Iron

A steam iron can also be used as a dry iron. All you need to do is to restrict the steam function by leaving the water tank empty. You may have to do this for specific fabrics that should only use a dry iron. For instance, you should always opt for a dry iron while ironing satin and silk fabric garments.

Should You Go For a Steam Iron or a Dry Iron?

The answer to this question primarily depends on the purpose for which are you planning to purchase iron for. Why would you want to go for a dry iron when a steam iron can accomplish both? The answer to this question is something that you need to understand. Some projects are best accomplished with a flat soleplate. You can go for a flat iron if you are comfortable using a spray bottle.

If you don’t mind the holes present on the soleplate, then you should opt for a steam iron. It is because there are instances when you may need a dry iron. A steam iron can be converted into dry iron no time. But there is no way you can turn a dry iron into a steam iron. You will have to make use of a spray bottle instead. Moreover, steam irons come in different models. The options of designs are quite limited when it comes to dry irons.

The only disadvantage of steam irons is that they are at a higher risk of defects as opposed to dry iron boxes. Moreover, these have a propensity to stain your clothes with spits and leaks. The kind of iron box you must go for is entirely dependent on your usage. If you are looking for a design to iron a few clothes every day, then you must go for a dry iron. However, if you intend to save time while ironing, then you should opt for a steam iron. The task becomes pretty much more comfortable with a steam iron especially when you have a large pile of clothes to iron within a short period.

Professionals go for steam iron as they have a big pile of clothes to deal with every single day. Steam iron would be beneficial for individuals who iron frequently. For instance, tailors and those involved in craftwork should opt for a steam iron. It can be used on almost all kinds of fabric without any hassles. However, you should exercise care while working on satin and silk fabric.

Steam irons are designed with careful consideration. They are quite versatile and come with safety features. You would be able to iron clothes quite conveniently with a steam iron. These are perfect solutions for modern day homes owing to their versatility. In several designs, there is an option to use an iron as steam or dry based on the requirement. Steam iron works quicker and release wrinkles and creases quicker. However, the only thing you must remember is not to leave a steam iron unattended else it can damage your entire fabric. Steam irons also consume additional electricity for converting water to steam as opposed to dry iron boxes.

It is quite clear that both steam and dry iron boxes have their applications. If you are looking for a versatile, multifunctional iron box, then steam iron would be your best bet.

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