How to Use a Steam Iron: Perfectly?


Getting your clothes pressed at dry cleaners can prove to be expensive if you want them to be pressed every single day. If you have a tight budget and want to get professional results, then you can consider investing in a steam iron. A dry iron is not enough to restore the creases from most of the fabrics.

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Steam irons can accomplish the task in minutes when compared to dry iron and imparts a crisp look to your fabric. Each model has its own specification and features. You must go through them carefully before actually purchasing one for your needs.

Dry Iron vs Steam Iron

You must be aware of the basic difference between a steam iron and a dry iron before learning how to use them. Dry irons are not common these days. These do not generate steam which is essential to ease out the wrinkles from your fabric. You will have to make use of a spray bottle if you rely on dry iron for your needs to get a perfectly pressed piece of clothing. Dry ironing requires you to put in certain efforts instead of just lightly gliding the iron box over the area with creases and wrinkles.

A steam iron on the other hand is capable of generating steam thereby providing an amazing ironing experience. The task can be accomplished quickly with a stem iron where you direct steam on the problem areas without any need for a spray bottle.

Moreover, a steam iron can be used as a dry iron if you do not fill in water and generate steam using the control settings. This is the reason why these are being used by everyone.

How to Use a Steam Iron

How to Use a Steam Iron

Things you will need

Here are some tips that can help you to get perfect finish while ironing your clothes.

  1. Fill in the water tank as per the instructions provided in the product manual. Some steam iron models come with a removable tank. This helps you in filling them quite easily without having to take your iron box anywhere closer to the sink. Make sure that the iron box is cold and unplugged while filling the tank with water. You need to exercise proper care so that you do not fill the tank higher than the indicated line.
  2. Fix the tank back into your steam iron. You need to make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your model. This is essential when you have a removable tank. Carefully plug in the iron box.
  3. Do not forget to check the fabric label before using a steam iron for removing the wrinkles. You need to figure out the right fabric setting first before ironing the fabric or piece of cloth. Set the temperature level as per the fabric requirements. Wait for the soleplate to heat for a while. Some models have LED indicators to hint that the iron box has heated to the desired temperature. You need to turn on the steam feature once the iron turns hot.
  4. Make sure to spread the garment carefully on an ironing board. Move the iron box carefully over the grain of the fabric. As you work slowly, the iron will release steam on its own. You need to be careful and point the iron away from yourself in order to prevent you from burning yourself. Never use circular motion while ironing the fabric as it may result in it getting stretched out.
  5. Divide the fabric in sections and iron it for long enough to just smooth out the wrinkles. Let the fabric remain damp slightly when you finish your ironing process. If you are using delicate fabric such as velvet, then it is best to hold the iron slightly above the fabric instead of pressing it. You can also use a pressing cloth for protecting the fabric especially if it is delicate.
  6. If there are deep wrinkles in the cloth or fabric, then make sure to activate the spray function. Damp the section with wrinkles. This will help in relaxing the wrinkles with much ease. There are certain fabrics that tend to spot when sprayed with water. It is hence recommended to check the garment’s label before activating the spray feature.
  7. You can cut down ironing time by wrapping the iron board with an aluminum foil. The foil will reflect heat and make sure that the fabric or cloth is ironed perfectly and quickly.
  8. If you want to iron thick pants, then you can iron the leg from the inside first and then from outside. This will help you get rid of wrinkles that are stubborn in a hassle-free manner.
  9. If the garment you are ironing has pleats, then you can utilize paperclips to retain the crisp lines in the clothing. You just need to be careful not to iron over the clip else it will leave an indentation over the garment.
  10. Make sure to hang your freshly pressed garments right after ironing it else it may develop wrinkles again.
  11. Rest the iron on heel instead of putting it down during breaks. Unplug the iron carefully once you are done with ironing. Let it fully cool before placing it back in its storage area or box.

Tips to Consider & Warnings

  • Always use clean water for filling the water tank.
  • You must never use scented water over the fabric else it will stain the fabric while ironing
  • If the fabric or garment is of dark color, then make sure to iron the wrong side of the fabric for preserving the color of the fabric
  • Do not forget to turn off the iron box before unplugging it
  • If you have children at home, then make sure to keep hot irons out of their reach
  • Never ever iron over the buttons as the heat can damage them
  • Never ever iron over the zippers or any other details as they can result in scratches over the soleplate
  • Ironing clothes is not really a glamorous activity. It is a dull task but doesn’t have to be necessarily boring. Following the tips and tricks mentioned above can help expedite the process.

This is how you can perfectly use a steam iron, now you must check out list of best steam irons so that you have the best product to use, while you follow the steps & tips given in this article.


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