Iron-A-Way Built in Ironing Board Center Review


Not every house is spacious, but ironing takes place in just about every home. In this situation, stuffing the house with ironing accessories would result in clutter. Enter: The Iron-A-Way Built in Ironing Center 😇.

Occasionally, people wear un-ironed or wrinkled clothes due to heavy, oversized, and inconvenient ironing boards and the idea of clearing space for the clothing and put a set-up. But in today’s time and era, where everything is portable and easy to carry, how come manufacturing companies forget such an important aspect of life.

That is where companies introduced Iron-A-Way Built in Ironing Center that provide you with functional storage space and is unquestionably worth your time and money. They are the one-stop solution to all the traditional ironing problems. They are designed with foldable iron boards and shelves to place your sewing boxes and every clothing-related item.

Difference between Wall mounted Ironing Boards and Built in Ironing Centers

Built-in ironing centers and wall-mounted ironing boards are more or less the same. They both are portable and space-convenient. The only difference is that wall-mounted boards do not have storage shelves. In contrast, Built-in centers for ironing get bonus points for shelves’ availability, increasing the center’s efficiency and making them more likable by the users.

Here is overview of the ‘Iron-A-Way Built-in Ironing Center’ model E42FWU and its features relative to the other ironing centers.

Iron-A-Way Built in Ironing Center (E42FWU)- An Overview

Iron-A-Way is a leading company providing its customers with top-quality built-in ironing centers for the past 60 years. They believe in managing space with convenience, grace, and style. One of the most popular products among their customers is, Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center E42FWU – Electric, 42’’ Ironing board, flat white door.

For all those seeking a basic and straightforward yet swivel electric ironing center, E42FWU is the model for you.

With an adjustable 42’’ deluxe length ironing board and complete central electric features, this model is convenient and easy to handle. Besides, for use and storage, you can keep your iron plugged in at all times without the fear of burning or a short circuit.

We think this Iron-A-Way makes for a pretty addition to any home…

The cabinet of the ironing center consists of a wooden, sturdy, long-lasting, and unfinished exterior and a cool, grey interior. It is spacious and makes your ironing tasks easier.

The material utilized in making the ironing board is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Both of which are the best when it comes to work clothes. The cotton fabric gives it durability and abrasion-resistance, whereas polyester increases its elasticity and makes it tear-resistance.

Built-in ironing center E42FWU is initially manufactured in the USA and imported throughout the world around the year.

E42FWU Specifications:

Built-in ironing center E42FWU specifications include;

  • Outside Dimensions: 15” x 60 5/8” x 7 3/4”
  • Rough-In Opening: 14 3/8” x 59 7/8” x 3 7/8”
  • Door Dimensions: 15” x 60 5/8” x 3/4”

E42FWU Key Features:

E42FWU model of Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center comprises various exciting and helpful features that make your daily ironing task easy going. I am pretty sure that after reading these features, their uses, and advantages, you would like to get one for your household.

  • 60 Minute Motor Timer

This feature is mainly dedicated to all the multi-taskers out there. Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center E42FWU provides you all with an automatic electrical raceway switch that shuts down once the set time has expired.

For example, you’re away for a short time or unable to continue ironing, don’t worry, the Iron-A-Way device has got you covered.  It consists of the electrical receptacle and automatic disconnect switch that turns off once the time is up.

  • Hot Iron Storage

This model consists of hot iron storage that keeps the hot iron out of the children’s range. This safety feature is handy as it saves you from wasting your time by letting the iron cool down and then place it somewhere safe. Instead, keep the hot iron in the storage; its insulated heat shield allows instant shelving. It can also make room for all types of irons and steamers.

  • Built-in Spotlight

For a better ironing result, excellent light is an essential factor as it highlights the minimal creases on your clothes. Iron-A-Way ironing centers offer the built-in spotlight to detect such wrinkles in your dress and gives a perfect-looking press. Thus, if you have placed your center in a light-deprived area, our spotlight has got your back and is ready to serve in the best way possible.

  • Cord Wrap

This tiny yet handful center is a must to keep you from the fuss of entangling cord. It saves your time and simplifies ironing from you, especially if you have a wired iron.

  • White Flat Door

An all-white, unfinished, flat maple veneer door is the highlight of every Iron-A-Way ironing center model. The door is left undone so that you can paint or stain it according to your likings and wall matching.

  • Storage Shelves

The storage shelves allow you to put all your ironing accessories such as sewing items box intact and accessible. It eases your task and adds an advantage to the overall model

  • Metal Ironing Board

The ventilated metal ironing board of Iron-A-Way ironing center E42FWU differs from traditional wooden boards. It enables the steam to pass across the fabric to keep the surface from getting wet and provide a uniformly heated ironing base.

  • Garment Bar

This feature is convenient when you are ironing your entire week’s clothes at a single time. It can hold multiple garment hangers and allows you to continue ironing without the disturbance of walking away to hang your clothes in a different place. It saves your time and provides you handiness.

Garment Bar Clothes Hanger

Wrap up of the Iron-A-Way Built in Ironing Center

Remember that an excellent appliance with the right accessories always makes the task stress-free and exciting.

Built-in ironing center offers you the shelf storage, garment hanging space and child safety board whereas wall-mounted ironing boards do not provide these extra features for ironing space.

I am optimistic that after reading all strong points of Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center E42FWU, you would be restless for buying it. It is a precious purchase that is worth your money and helps you in many ways. It is cost-effective, space-friendly, convenient, and makes ironing comfortable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your Iron-A-Way built-in ironing center right away and enjoy its perks!


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